Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Centers of Worship or Centers of Corruption

This is my first attempt as a blogger and is a sincere attempt to throw some light on whats happening or what I feel is happening at our centers of worship(CeOWs).Now for those who are confused about what I mean by a CeOW, it can be any place of worship related to any religion.This naming is deliberate and is done to plug any controversies , should they arise.Before beginning my discussion let me tell you that I am a Hindu and my views expressed here would have been certainly influenced from what I have experienced at the temples across India.Also this blog is not to offend anybody's views or beliefs, rather its a humble attempt to bring attention to the malignancy that is happening to our CeOWs.
Coming back to the discussion, I feel that our CeOWs have become places where money plays a key role ,setting back the very idea of worship.I was amazed when I heard that in a particular CeOW , one needed to book slots for praying, and, the higher you pay, more comfortable you can pray.So its like pay MORE money if you want to get closer to your GOD.Another incident which I can rememeber is, where, the Priest distributes the PRASAD based on the offering you give him.More offerings ,more blessings.Well there are scores of such incidents and I am sure most of us are facing this everyday.
My question is why money plays such an important role in CeOWs.Shdnt CeOW be a place for meditation and a place for we and our GOD.How does money play a role here?I agree its human to submit to GOD, but why with money and that too in huge amounts.This very act of ours have made our CeOWs into centers of corruption.One thing to remember is that GOD doesnt run these CeOWs.Its run by humans like us and when money pours in ,all humans become cunning and mean like most of our politicians.
Ok let me digest the fact that we as humans cannot offend GOD and hence cant stop giving our offerings(money).Well, where does these offerings go?Does GOD use it to help the earthly beings arguably created by HIM.What happens to the billions worth of offerings in gold,silver and pure cash that goes into a CeOW ?Has it become a billion dollar question?
Most of our CeOWs in an year,earn equivalent to or more than a IT startup company in Bangalore.Some of them are billion dollar corporates and have even got websites that do online marketing.I remember a particular CeOW that advertise in cable channels.Whom do they earn for?Why isnt the money spend for the betterment of our society?I can hardly count any CeOW that has orphanages,schools or any institution of public interest to its name.Why doesn't most of the CeOWs donate when a national disaster occur?Well I myself dont know and hope with all these questions , this blog would kick off some good discussion.And I also dream that our billion people elected government would do something towards this.I guess that would be too much for a dream!!I guess the only savior who can do something is us.How , I guess I will have something in my next blog.
Thanks for reading.


Anonymous your fan said...

Nice article. I have also been thinking in these terms. I can't wait for your next article.
Wherever you are, you are a genius.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what u said is correct but this holds true not only for CeOWs but for any organiztion or any grp or even to no need to cry abt CeOWs my friend ;-), they are just another entity in the corrupted world

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are u visiting CeOWs for the first time...?

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are u visiting CeOWs for the first time...?

1:27 AM  

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